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Advantech Announce Partnership with ANS Center for Accelerating AI Visual Inspection Solution in Australia and Vietnam


In the past two years, Advantech, a leading provider of IPCs, has launched edge AI inference systems alongside a rising demand for AI image recognition. In 2021, Advantech is excited to announce the partnership with Australian software company, ANS Direct Pty Ltd (ANSCENTER, Combining with ANSCENTER’s edge AI video intelligence solution, Advantech and ANSCENTER now target growing market in Australia and Vietnam to help customers quickly applied AI to smart traffic and security monitoring, industrial visual inspection, and manufacturing process management applications.

ANSCENTER provides one-stop-shopping solution in AI deploying and integration

Vietnam is one of the fastest developing economies globally by now, considering Artificial Intelligence as one of the keys in the industrial revolution 4.0, Vietnam has determined to focus on developing this technology as a spearhead expected to become the most critical technology industry in the next ten years. Australia has the presence of AI big-tech as Google, Qualcomm, and Wolfram and has become the base of many successful start-ups pioneers in bringing AI into a real business. The Australian Government supports Artificial Intelligence in Australia by investing about a hundred million dollars. Both in Vietnam and Australia, smart manufacturing, smart city and intelligence surveillance are the targets applications for AI. However, accelerating AI deployment in both countries required compatible and affordable infrastructure.

ANSCENTER is a leading company in Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Automation, and Software Development based in Australia that have joined together to make artificial intelligence easily accessible to enterprises. ANSCENTER, provide Video Intelligent System (ANSVIS) that connects the input camera source and computing source to handle deployments of the models in the overall design. The system is flexible enough for the customer to add and remove models into different cameras without changing the existing infrastructure of the cloud camera system. Furthermore, ANSCENTER provides training tools that simplify the designing model process for anyone. These trained AI models can easily be used in IoT systems used in manufacturing, surveillance, engineering, and education, especially around computer vision and intelligent video management systems that can help businesses worldwide make better data-driven decisions.

ANSCENTER and Advantech provides next-generation Al solutions in Vietnam and Australia

The collaboration between ANSCENTER and Advantech is a logical step forwards since organizations increasingly want to use intelligent automation based on AI technology directly in the work environment. Advantech’s industrial inference system MIC-AI is the best choice for industrial applications. Its small size and fanless structure, combined with Jetson Nano System on Module (SOM) by NVIDIA, is more suitable for edge AI inference. Advantech’s MIC-AI has a variety of I/O and flexible, customized modules (i-Door/i-Module), enabling customers to freely select the interface for input and output data in different usage scenarios.

Together with ANSCENTER, Advantech can help business owners and developers realize the potential of Al by providing them with next-generation Al solutions in Vietnam and Australia’s booming market. The collaboration is addressing the problems of the talent gap, complexity, and talent discoverability in Al. This collaboration lowers the hurdle for software developers and non-programmers by allowing anyone could build Al models, and provide a simple, cost-effective, high performance, real-time, manageable, and scalable.AI solution.

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