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Creating a Reliable Data Foundation for IoT Success

Companies and government are seeking solutions that can help them to utilize data analytics to raise service levels, create better products, and reduce operational costs. Equipment manufacturers, owners, and operators require an easy and reliable way to collect and monitor data from all kinds of field sites.

As a leading supplier of I/O products worldwide, Advantech offers versatile I/O devices from sensor modules, add-on cards or portable modules to wireless I/O devices and software tools, which not only satisfy measurement, control, and communication needs but also allows for cloud integration for wider area data management systems.

EtherCAT Controller and Slice I/O

Advantech introduces the compact EtherCAT Controller and Slice I/O - designed with the smallest programmable automation controller (PAC) in the Core i class processor, modular I/O, and a PCIe communication interface. EtherCAT Controller and Slice I/O integrates gateway, motion control, I/O data acquisition, fieldbus, machine vision, and device networking into one control platform.

Wireless I/O Modules

Advantech’s WISE-4000 wireless I/O modules leverage Wireless Ethernet and Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technology to provide sensor-integrated nodes, IP65-rated nodes, and solar rechargeable nodes. These wireless I/O modules are equipped with data collection, wireless transmission, and power supply features aimed at industrial and outdoor applications.

Wireless Sensing Devices

Advantech introduces a variety of new wireless sensing devices to the market to lead the way with IoT sensing technology. Moreover, by offering various cloud platforms with MQTT and CoA eprotocol support, WISE IoT sensing devices facilitate and simplify big data acquisition applications.

Proprietary LPWAN and Private LoRa Solution

LPWAN technology is suitable for applications requiring low-data-rate and long-range data transmission while maintaining long battery life with minimal cost and low levels of interference. Advantech provides several LPWAN and LoRa device standards to meet different long-range sensing requirements.

NB-IoT Device-to-Cloud Solution

Advantech has created a plug-and-play NB-IoT device-to-cloud solution in cooperation with telecom operators and wireless module suppliers. The solution assists smart city solution developers with obtaining field site information on widely dispersed facilities through NB-IoT by displaying, storing, and analyzing data on cloud platforms.

Test and Measurement Solutions

PC-based testing and measurement systems are widely used in applications such as monitoring, control, data acquisition, and automated testing. Dependable results require the optimal matching of transducers, data acquisition systems, and software. Advantech’s comprehensive integrated hardware-software solutions provide the tools for satisfying customers’ diverse application requirements.

Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Advantech provides comprehensive products for vibration sensing, including wireless sensor nodes, vibration gateways, USB modules, PCIE cards and all in one integrated DAQ platforms. DAQNavi/MCM is an analysis software that provides a perfect match for these devices.

Remote Facility Management Solutions

Wondering how to leverage sensing devices to monitor data in real time? How to manage unmanned, remotely distributed stations from your centralized network? Or how to identify problems early on using a cloud platform? Find out how Advantech can help you with our remote facility management solutions.

Device to Cloud Solutions

Advantech's device-to-cloud solution allows edge devices to pass equipment and environmental data to cloud platforms directly. They enable cloud-based tools to be used for statistical analysis and data visualization, providing users with an overview of the environment and equipment status.

Machine-to-Intelligence (M2I) Solutions

With our Machine-to-Intelligence (M2I) SRP which includes power inverter, water pump, HVAC and transformer, equipment builders can easily get an overview of the status of their machine and facilities.
They can then connect data, analyze it and send it to the cloud. By integrating different M2I SRPs into vertical system SRPs, system integrators can build energy, solar power, water treatment and pollution management solutions.

MQTT Solutions

Advantech devices that support the MQTT protocol can communicate directly with the cloud or ERP/MES systems without a gateway or converter. Additionally, equipped with Advantech’s WebAccess software, these devices support plug-and-play installation on cloud platforms, and operations can be resumed at breakpoints without data loss.